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How it feels to win.

Check out this blog to view a collection of video clips from around the world, recorded at the exact moment that CNN announced that Barack Obama had won the election. You can hear the crowds cheering and counting down, as they had for the other poll-closing announcements…and then a big increase in volume as the “CNN Breaking News” graphic comes up…but then people completely lose their shit as the screen displays “Barack Obama Elected President”.

This will replace 9/11 as our generation’s Where Were You When moment. It’s amazing that even watching it now, after seeing it so many times in the last week or so, I still well up over it.


First press conference for President-elect Obama

President-elect Obama delivered his first press conference today. My God! What a huge difference over press conferences of the last several years!

Notable improvements included:

  • Speaking in coherent sentences
  • No demeaning nicknames for reporters
  • No pinched, confused look
  • Able to take and answer questions
  • No nervous laughter
  • Seemed at ease while answering questions off-topic

Look, I’m not just being a dick here. This stuff is important to me, and probably to most Americans as well. We finally have a LEADER who has the qualities a leader should have. As for this “President-elect” business, let’s just go ahead and call him President, shall we? George W. Bush never won a legitimate election anyway. Nor did he ever appear “Presidential”. AT BEST, he seemed to be frightened as a virgin on prom night and utterly unable inspire confidence or give reassurance. It’s all reflected in the eyes. Terror. When 9/11 went down, all I could see in those eyes was “holyshit! omgomgomg! HALP! RUMMYCHENEYANYBODY! HALP!”.

You know, the Republicans made a lot of hay about “restoring the dignity of the Office” after Clinton. But then look who they stuck us with! President Obama is going to be the one to do it. I’m looking forward to seeing the bar raised.


We did it!


Did you see that victory speech? It was like the end of Star Wars combined with the end of Independence Day! Damn you Jesse Jackson! You made me cry.

I’m having a hard time concentrating on work today. I should have taken the day off to reflect and celebrate.

McCain gave a good concession speech, and showed that he still had a bit of humanity left…like Vader at the end of Jedi. Smug Sarah just sat there, looking like an idiot, stewing. I’m hopeful we’ve heard the last of her, and that she’ll be nothing more than a humorous footnote for future generations. Though there’s already talk of her running again in ’12. That sounds like a great idea to me. I’d be more than happy to see her defeated again…and again…as often as the GOP wants to run her.