First press conference for President-elect Obama

President-elect Obama delivered his first press conference today. My God! What a huge difference over press conferences of the last several years!

Notable improvements included:

  • Speaking in coherent sentences
  • No demeaning nicknames for reporters
  • No pinched, confused look
  • Able to take and answer questions
  • No nervous laughter
  • Seemed at ease while answering questions off-topic

Look, I’m not just being a dick here. This stuff is important to me, and probably to most Americans as well. We finally have a LEADER who has the qualities a leader should have. As for this “President-elect” business, let’s just go ahead and call him President, shall we? George W. Bush never won a legitimate election anyway. Nor did he ever appear “Presidential”. AT BEST, he seemed to be frightened as a virgin on prom night and utterly unable inspire confidence or give reassurance. It’s all reflected in the eyes. Terror. When 9/11 went down, all I could see in those eyes was “holyshit! omgomgomg! HALP! RUMMYCHENEYANYBODY! HALP!”.

You know, the Republicans made a lot of hay about “restoring the dignity of the Office” after Clinton. But then look who they stuck us with! President Obama is going to be the one to do it. I’m looking forward to seeing the bar raised.


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