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Updates on life, work, love…

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog… It’s not for lack of events worth writing about, but rather a lack of things that feel comfortable sharing with a wider audience.

On the work side, I’m involved in the middle of a massively unethical outsourcing campaign. If I had any principles at all I would quit. But jobs aren’t easy to come by, and I’ve got a family to provide for now, excuses, excuses… We’re basically shipping a large number of jobs to India with essentially no regard for what this means to our customers. The usual lip service is being paid to how technically savvy these new Indian employees are, but the fact remains that I wouldn’t want to put anyone in my family through the experience of trying to speak with one of them. I can barely navigate a conversation myself, and I’m pretty well used to them by now. Not that they aren’t perfectly nice people over there, but they talk way too fast and are way too heavily accented…and did I mention that they’re starting from square 1 in terms of product knowledge? Meanwhile, we’re laying off tons of Americans with massive amounts of accumulated knowledge. If hard work mattered at all, they’d be keeping their jobs. All the folks I deal with on the US side go above and beyond on a daily basis. I’m somewhat disenfranchised with the American Dream at the moment. Is it even worth getting an education any more? We’re totally selling out the country’s intellectual future for pennies on the dollar and creating a service economy. It’s completely depressing. Help me Barack Obama, you’re my only hope.

I’m still waiting on my custom bass from Electrical Guitar Company. I’m seeing a lot of new instruments showing up in peoples’ MySpaces, so I know they’re cranking them out. I just hope that I am moving toward the head of the line. I sent them an order back in December of ’08, and their usual turnaround is about 4 months from what I hear. Mine was a custom body shape, and required some special effort to get it all drafted and machined. I’m really excited to see the finished product, and also to be a part of the beginning of a new line of custom instruments.
In related news, I’ve been playing a lot with my band, Mico de Noche. We’re getting ready to record again and the new songs are really freaking heavy. I’ve been playing through my custom Verellen 4×12+18 cabinet and it smokes! I think I might have blown the tweeter though…I was worried that would happen. I need to talk to them about getting it replaced and/or upgraded with something more robust. Also, we just played a little tour down to Eugene and Arcata this past month. I felt pretty good about it. We don’t really have any draw, so we’re dependent on whatever local interest wanders in off the street. People who show up seem to enjoy the show and the comments after the sets have been overwhelmingly positive. I feel confident that if we could apply some marketing muscle, we could start to accumulate some fans. The music’s solid, original, and simple enough to get everyone headbanging.

Well, the boat’s pulling into the dock now, so I’d better sign off.