Later that day…

After a nap, I decided to man up and order my first meal. I ordered roast chicken, yogurt, and garlic naan with that green chutney stuff that I like and a couple of those (things that I can’t remember the name of) that are like crisp tortillas. Everything tasted great, very much like Indian food back home. The young Brits had mentioned that yogurt is supposed to be a good counter-attack on whatever is going to be thrown against your foreign GI tract, and when have teenagers ever been wrong?

The haze has lifted a bit. I can see more of the city and a couple churches in the far off distance from my room. There’s very little activity right near the hotel. Just a few people casually strolling by, and a few small cars whizzing up and down the street. I’m pretty high up in the hotel, so I have a nice view when the atmospheric conditions permit. Took a few more photos. On the way from the airport I saw my first Indian cow. You really have to rethink your iconic mental image of what a “cow” is when you see these things. They are haunting, ghost-like, slow and deliberate. It’s easy to see why someone would look at them without seeing food.

I wanted to take photos on the road from the airport, but there is a privacy screen with a pronounced pattern on the back windows of the hired cars. Didn’t think it would be worthwhile to try shooting through it. The poverty is immediately apparent. As a colleague said, “Imagine the poorest part of Mexico and multiply by a couple hundred.” I half expected to see Prawns peeking out from behind the half-destroyed buildings.

The luxury of this hotel is almost embarrassing. Offshoring for pennies on the dollar, and doing it in this kind of style…doesn’t feel so good. And I keep smelling sulfur, ah yes, it’s Satan.


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