Change of venue

Today I spent most of the early part of the day in my hotel. I knew that I would have to work late tonight, so it was a good excuse to get a ton of sleep. I laid in bed until around noon and then got up and had some food. I finally had bad food in India. I was beginning to wonder if it was possible. Everything here has been so good so far. Anyway, it was hotel restaurant phad thai and it was terrible! I’ll stick with Indian food since it’s one of my favorites anyway. ^__^

Around 3pm I started working on some work related stuff. I sent a huge summary of my experience at the call center back to the management back home, along with some suggestions for ways to improve operations for everyone involved. Well, maybe not for local management, but definitely for the agents and all of us who support them.

After that I took a completely uneventful cab ride to the local office in Noida. The experience and culture in that office is MUCH more in line with the culture of the office back home. More relaxed, but everyone works hard and stays on task. I met some familiar faces there; folks that I met when they came to visit the US. I also got to meet a lot of people that I’d known only through email. It was good to finally get personally acquainted. It does make a difference.

This is going to be a pretty short blog compared to the last few days. Not much happened. I just checked in at the office and got set up. Wrote some emails, worked on some cases and had dinner in the cafeteria. The cafeteria had more of the curly little sugary fritters that I had when I went out with the Tier 1 guys in Old Delhi. Those things are *good*! Wish I could remember what they were called.

I’ve had some G.I. issues today, but I’ll spare you the details. Nothing dramatic, just mildly unpleasant. I guess it finally caught up with me. Ah well, it’ll take more than a few foreign bugs to keep me down.

Firmed up the plans to see the Taj this weekend. There’s also another monument in the area that we’ll see as well. Due to fortunate timing, there will be a larger group of us going than what was initially planned. Three people from North America, and at least two locals. Camera batteries will be charged and memory cards cleared for this one. It’s not every day you get to see a Wonder of the World.


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