Takin’ care of business

Not much new to report today. For some reason the whole area smells like exploded fireworks, and I have the worst sore throat ever for no apparent reason. I think it might be a delayed symptom of my throat getting all swollen the other night with the cashews. I don’t know.

Today I mostly just stuck close to the hotel again and then went to the office. Met a bunch more people and had a few low key but productive meetings. I have a few more scheduled for tomorrow. I’m learning a lot about some parts of the company that I was previously unfamiliar with, so that’s a good thing. Also spent a bunch of time working on cases. They’re all hard ones. There don’t ever seem to be known issues any more. Every case is like “WTF? We’ve tried everything! Buy a new computer.” Of course I can’t say “Buy a new computer.” so it’s more like apologize profusely and give away software. And every once in a while a customer calls back and says “Hey, I decided to buy a new computer and everything works great!” GAAAAAH!

I have not seen one cat in this country. I’m not sure what the story is with that. I’ve heard that a few people have them as pets, but they’re mostly into dogs here. No stray cats at all, and tons of stray dogs. Something is just fundamentally wrong with that. But then again, I’m a cat person so I’m a bit biased. Still, it’s nice when you’re away from home to find a stray street cat to pet.

I had this amazing Indian roll tonight. It’s basically an Indian burrito but they called it a roll. It was a tortilla with an egg cracked on it, pan fried and then rolled up around a bunch of grilled vegetables and spicy chicken. It was the bomb. They sell them at a stand outside the office where I’ve been working the last two days. I’m starting to miss variety. I’ve had Indian food for pretty much every meal for over a week, and my stomach is getting a little wobbly, so I’m really craving something simple and boring. I ordered breakfast for tomorrow, basic American style.

Alright, that’s all for now. It was a pretty low-adventure day. More to come…


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