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Does Kalashnikov make a lawnmower?

After attempting to repair two gas lawnmowers in two weeks (the score is 1:1)  I’m astonished to report that the proper operation of a Tecumseh engine comes down to tiny pores in metal barely visible to the eye, and springs scarcely larger than those in a ball point pen. Is this really the best we can do? I understand planned obsolescence, but one of these babies only lasted 2 months before failing to start. How are we supposed to maintain our lawns after the zombie apocalypse with such delicate machines?

Growing up we had just one lawnmower and we never babied it. I don’t recall dad putting fuel stabilizer in it, running it empty at the end of the season or rebuilding the carb every year. Maybe he did without me knowing, but anyway… They don’t make them like they used to.

Briggs & Stratton, you’re on my list too.

Dyson guy, if you’re out there, lawnmowers need a thorough reinventing. I just want it to work properly, as you say.


MP3 files won’t add to iTunes on your Mac? Solution here.

Have you ever had MP3 files that just wouldn’t add to your iTunes Library no matter what? I had a few MP3s that played fine in QuickTime Player and even played through the finder preview, but would not appear in iTunes no matter what I tried. Here’s the solution:

Download MP3 Scan + Repair, launch it, and drag the files onto it. That’s all. It rebuilds the file and then you can add it to iTunes. Easy.