Setting up Subsonic Music server, notes for future reference

Publishing a quick note as a reminder of how to set up Subsonic streaming music server. The process is a bit tricky, especially for multiple levels of routers, which my work requires. Just making a note so I don’t have to memorize it or rediscover it.

  1. Get external IP address from
    This IP address is the one that you will want to enter into your phone, or anything that will be connecting from the outside world.
  2. Set up a static IP on your router for the PC that’s hosting the Subsonic Control Panel Service
  3. Make sure the service is running.
  4. On the nearest router to your PC, make sure that your PCs static IP has port forwarding set up for the ports the Subsonic Control Panel is using.
  5. If you are using multiple layers of routers, make sure that traffic on the outermost router is forwarded to the inner router’s IP address (using the address that the external router knows it by) for the same ports used in the Subsonic Control panel.
  6. Check that is successfully seeing your service running on the open ports.
  7. Enter the IP address:port combination in the subsonic mobile app (Subsonic, DSub) for the server address.
  8. If it fails, make sure login and password are correct. Try opening subsonic in browser mode on the PC where the server is running rather than app and check the credentials.

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