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B is for Bullshit: McCain “sticker attack” a lie.

I’m sorry, but I have to call bullshit on this one. A woman claims to have been attacked for sporting a McCain bumper sticker. This is a blatant hoax. This is an attempt by the McCain campaign to suggest that Obama’s supporters are unhinged knife wielding thugs. (In Pittsburgh, PA no less! A state where the polling spread has narrowed a bit.)

Supporting facts:

The woman declined medical examination. – That’s because a doctor would have seen what is plain to see in the photo, which is…

This is a fake injury. – The “B” mark on her face is not a knife wound. It’s not even a scratch. Any teenage girl who’s cut herself for attention could tell that from the pic. It’s also backward because the girl drew it on in a mirror. The black eye isn’t swollen and there’s no damage at all to the blood vessels in the white of the eye. Hmmm…how could someone fake a black eye only a few days before Halloween? The caption on the photo is from “”. Does that sound like a reputable source for a photo? It does not say “AP” or “GettyImages” or “Reuters”.

There is no police substantiation of any part of the story. – In fact they seem to be distancing themselves from the story. They basically said “We’re only saying what she told us, we can’t corroborate any of this.” I would expect this investigation to unravel very soon.

The alleged attacker fits the McCain/Palin base’s fear archetype a little too well. – A scary, angry black man robbing a white woman.

Both McCain AND Palin have already exploited the “attack” for a photo op. – The campaign says they’re refusing to release more details out of “respect for the woman’s privacy”. Why? Details would be helpful, wouldn’t they? How about a sketch? And where’s the ATM videotape? How about…this is total racist bullshit designed to sway those people who are just now getting over their fear and prejudice of blacks and voting for Obama.

So blatant. So obvious. We have to get a doctor out there and expose this woman for the fraud she is. Next up, a white woman will be gang raped by a group of “dark skinned” men chanting “Yes We Can!” Right? F*** you, McShame. You’re fooling no one.

By the way, the blog mentioned above as the source of the photo also carries a “prediction” about Barack Obama being assassinated after the inauguration. Call the FBI.

Update: She confessed! I love being right!