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Update on Qwest issue with HD streams via Xbox/Netflix

I had written previously about an issue I was having where I could not view HD movies through Netflix on the Xbox. Any time I initiated an HD stream, the internet in my whole house would disconnect. I did a bit of troubleshooting, and some Googling and found that it was most likely a Qwest issue with the router.  I contacted Qwest after being prompted to do so by one of their customer service people who crawls the internet looking for disgruntled customers. Within 24 hours I was contacted by a live person on the phone. A few days, and a few speed tests later I had a new modem and the HD stream problem was fixed.

I had also been having another annoying problem where my bandwidth was nowhere near the capacity that I was paying for. Nearly dial-up on a 7Mbps connection. This issue was not resolved by the new router. Again, I contacted Qwest and had a live technician on the phone the next morning. He ran some tests on his end and found that there was a problem at the central office that was sending a ton of errors down to my modem so that it was unable to sync at the appropriate speed. He moved me to a different switch and the problem is now solved.

I just wanted to post an update because I did a fair amount of bitching about Qwest in my initial blog post, and Qwest support really did a great job of handling my issues and winning back my loyalty as a customer. I work in the support field, so I know that providing this level of support is a lot easier said than done. And Qwest, if you’re still paying attention, don’t offshore your support. You’ve got great staff and they deserve to keep their jobs.


Qwest + XBox Live + Netflix + HD Streaming = FAIL

Qwest DSL has been shutting off my internet every time I initiate an HD steam in Netflix via XBox live.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Turn on XBox and log into XBox Live
  2. Launch Netflix via XBox Live
  3. Select an HD movie for streaming, eg. Superman II (Kneel before Zod!)
  4. At this point Netflix determines your optimal speed. (Presented in HD! FTW!)
  5. Error message comes up saying that it cannot play the movie. (OK…)
  6. At this point, every computer in the house loses internet access!!! (WTF?!?!? Points STRONGLY toward Qwest, not XBox Live or Netflix.)
  7. A few minutes later, internet access comes back.
  8. Any time you repeat the process, all internet access in the home is lost after selecting an HD movie for streaming.
  9. After repeating this several times, internet access WILL NOT come back on. Manual restart of router is required to restore internet access.

Qwest has some goddamn explaining to do.