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Joe the Racist Skinhead McCain operative.

“Joe the Plumber”, the rhetorical device that John McCain repeatedly invoked during the 3rd presidential debate, is an actual person who was interviewed by Katie Couric on after the debate. During this interview, he referred to Obama as “well spoken” and said he “tap danced like Sammy Davis Jr.” Wow. You just don’t find racism like that any more. Not outside the Republican party anyway. Obama’s a Harvard educated lawyer and a U.S. Senator. Well spoken? What did you expect, you stupid cracker? All black people sound like Flavor Flav? I’m embarrassed as hell by white folks sometimes.

Speaking of stupid crackers. Did you hear John McCain propose a “Troops to Teachers” program? Apparently this disasterous proposition involves letting people come out of the military and go straight into teaching jobs without going through the normal licensing and evaluation that other teachers go through. (His words.) Let’s look at who goes into the military. People who go into the military, by and large, are desperate and undereducated. I’m sure you can name a few exceptions, so can I, but in general this is the case. So we take these folks, teach them to kill and then turn them loose on our kids without testing their qualifications? No. That is a terrible idea, and John McCain is a madman. I’m not against someone going into teaching after a stint in the services, but no way would I allow them to use their military experience as a sufficient and complete proof of competence.


Unbelievable! A conservative blogger blows the lid off of the link between Joe The Plumber and the Keating Five Scandal. It turns out that this guy who was the centerpiece of the McCain strategy in the 3rd debate is actually the son-in-law of a guy who was sentenced in the Keating Scandal that McCain was involved in. That means he’s not an average American with real concerns about the economy, but rather a Republican operative who was planted by the McCain campaign! Hint for McCain staffers: If you’re going to plant an operative at an Obama rally and have him go in front of cameras, you might want to pick someone with a name less unique than Wurzelbacher. And you might also want to make sure he has more than one degree of separation from a criminal that your candidate is connected to.

Update Update: Joe’s not even a plumber.

Update Update Update: He makes less than $250K/year

Update Update Update Update: He’s a tax cheat and has a lien on his house.



Associating with criminals: Obama vs. McCain

We’ve been hearing a lot about Barack Obama’s “association with known terrorists” lately. Nevermind the fact that Obama was 8 years old when this terrorist activity took place. Nevermind the fact that he is not closely associated with the person in question. What we’re not hearing much about is the fact that John McCain has associated with swindlers and criminals who defrauded the American public during his tenure as a representative of the people. You’ve got some big balls there, John. You wanted to sling mud? You’ve got it. The Obama campaign show’s they’ve got some fight in them by releasing this video:

Let’s have some sobering perspective for a moment. Here are some facts related to Bill Ayers:
Bill Ayers blew up a couple statues (dedicated to – of all things – riot police), and set off a couple 2lb bombs, which broke a water pipe in the Pentagon and actually resulted in a suspension of the aerial bombing of Vietnam for a few days.
The war that Bill Ayers was fighting against claimed the lives of about 7 million people in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. We dropped about 7 million TONS of ordinance on those countries. We also burned villages indiscriminately and scorched the land with chemicals so nothing could grow. AND we lost about 60,000 of our own guys in the process, another 300,000 wounded.
I’m quite a bit more left-leaning than the Obama campaign, but the guy sounds like a hero to me. I wonder how many lives he saved by blowing up that water pipe and suspending the bombing for a couple days. I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to having coffee with him.